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Every gardener should have one!

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The name barrobag and the barrobag logo are registered trademarks. All rights to the name, logo and design are owned by Louise Henderson

Introducing the barrobag®

Invented in Kent by founder Louise, the barrobag® conveniently allows you to carry small garden tools and equipment when using a wheelbarrow.


Barrobag® removes the risk of losing tools hidden amongst the pulled weeds, garden waste and debris.


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Need a hand when gardening?

The barrobag® is unique and the first garden tool bag designed specifically to fit onto a wheelbarrow.  


Other garden bags only have standard, short carrier-bag style, handles that don’t stretch to fit over wheelbarrow arms leaving the bag and its tool pockets pulled tightly out of shape and impractical to use with the wheelbarrow.

Why is barrobag® unique?


Meet the woman behind the barrobag®

Louise Henderson has been gardening since she was a child and is always on the look-out for products and ideas that make a day’s work in the garden easier and ever more enjoyable.  


She designed the barrobag® out of necessity and sheer frustration trying to use standard tool bags with her wheelbarrow.


'After making the very first barrobag® for myself and using it daily, I realised how extremely practical and useful it really was.  It keeps my tools clean, organised and quick to find.'

Louise Henderson - barrobag® inventor

Barrobag 4

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Barrobag 4
Barrobag 4